Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why Projects Fail

This is somehow getting stuck in me for sometime now that the number one reason for a software project or for that matter any project failure is, when they fail to listen to the users. In context of software projects, when the projects are done by the developers for the developers there is a high chance that it's doomed to fail. It might have adopted best of the breed of technologies and frameworks but it failed to do the thing it was supposed to do for the end user. Put the greatest
framework, best of processes and the ultra smart developer and you will get a super masterpiece. Unfortunately no one need it because it did not do what it was supposed to do.
Everyday we see new frameworks, tools and technologies which promise that the applications and software products will be build in a jiffy. The world has again and again realized that any attempt to super automation has failed again and again because finally people look for that human insight into issues and not an insight generated by a complex algorithm. I think there are two categories of problem which decides if automation is going to be successful or not. One are the problem which can be mapped into a flow diagram. (Yes, the same diagram that we learned in our school), and another once are which we cannot. The first categories of problem can be fitted nicely for automation possibility and not the second one. Still people are looking for the dream machine which can predict the stock market may be just 5 minutes ahead of its time.
Let me put a disclaimer also at the end. Be sure of that your customer knows what they need and their want is in congruent with the same. At times, it's often the case that customers are not clear of their requirements. It's important than to understand their need and convert it into right kinds of wants.

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