Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Python reading from config file

Many times we need to read properties from config file. In python, you can define properties with sections. Each section can handle a related group of properties. Let's define a sample properties file and we will read it in Python.

Let's say we have a file which contains detail of countries and details of it's game. Let's call it file


Now let's write the python program to read this and print


import os
import ConfigParser

# Initialize the parser
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()

#Read properties file assuming it's in path"")

countryName = config.get('COUNTRY', 'name')
print("Country name is:" + countryName)

continentName = config.get('COUNTRY''continent')
print("Continent name is:" + continentName)

nationalGame  = config.get('GAME''national')
print("National game is:" + nationalGame)

popularGame = config.get('GAME''popular')
print("Popular game is:" + popularGame)

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