Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pseudo Code Writing

Pseudo code is the explanation of program logic in simple English phrases. A pseudo code should not contain keywords or standard notation from any language. The basic idea of writing a pseudo code is to communicate the details in a simple understandable way. A pseudo code can act as a common vocabulary between programmers of different language, say Java and Fortran. Though there is no terse syntax and grammar for writing pseudo code, it should be written in an understandable way. Though pseudo codes are not mandatory, for writing a software and may not be required in many standard situations. However, in situation where the logic is intricate and complex, pseudo code helps in arranging the thought process in a better way. Later on. pseudo code helps in communicating the logic to the other stakeholders. Pseudo code being written in simple English, facilitates easy sharing among technical and well as non technical users.

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