Tuesday, August 19, 2014

JAX-WS JavaSE Service endpoint

JavaSE 6+ has support for publishing Webservice. The java version understands the @Webservice annotation.

Let's make a plain Java class:

public class TemperatureConvertor {
    public double celsiusToFarenheit(double temp){
        return ((temp*1.8) + 32);
    public double farenheitToCelsius(double temp){
        return ((temp-32)/1.8);

Generate the artifacts using wsgen tool. The tool will be located at your <JDK_HOME>/bin directory.

wsgen -keep -s <Directory where source to be generataed>
      -cp <Directory where Class files to be kept>
       <TemperatureConvertor class with full package>

Now write a main method:

TemperatureConvertor tc= new TemperatureConvertor();
Endpoint endpoint =     Endpoint.publish("http://localhost:8080/tempConv", tc);
System.out.println("Reached here");
//endpoint.stop(); //Uncommenting this will stop the service

Hit the wsdl at [http://example.com|http://localhost:8080/tempConv?wsdl]

Also you can hit the service at http://localhost:8080/tempConv using ((soapUI)) tool.

The service is hosted using an embedded HTTP server in JavaSE 6. Please refrain from using this server in production environment.

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