Monday, August 18, 2014

Browsers Trivia

Things to take care in web applications related to browser
  • Define the behavior of back, forward and refresh button in context of your application right in the beginning.
  • Define the bookmarking capabilities of the application. If the bookmark is to be supported, one need to depend more on the GET kind of HTTP request response.
  • Understand what you want to get cached and what you don't want and the duration of caching.
  • Assume the caching is disabled in browser. If it's there it's a plus.
  • No non-trivial application in modern day world can work without Javascript. So don't fight with it.
Lists of Unicode charts- A very good palace to fine the unicode of all kind of symbols. To incorporate the unicode in the page, use it as follows:
<label value="&#25B2;"/>
 where 25B2 is the unicode value of a filled triangle pointing upward.

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